Every year the Japanese Literature Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Udayana University always accepts new students who continue their education at the Japanese Literature Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Udayana University. For new students, the beginning of the lecture period is certainly a new thing that requires adaptation, because the world of lectures is very different from the time when they were still in high school or high school. During high school or vocational school students are always guided by their parents and teachers, but when in college the responsibility is handed over directly to students who have now changed their status to students.Benkyoukai is a teaching and learning activity for new students participating in the committee, this activity is organized by the Japanese Literature Study Program Student Association through the Benkyoukai committee.

The implementing committee for Benkyoukai 2021 is an active student of Japanese Literature class 2020. supervised by the Steering Committee or SC of the 2019 Japanese Literature students. This committee runs under the auspices of the Student Association of the Japanese Literature Study Program Sector I, namely the education and student affairs sector and a lecturer for student guidance for the Study Program. Japanese Literature. This activity was carried out to welcome the arrival of new students of the Japanese Literature Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Udayana University. The Benkyoukai activity lasts for 3 days, namely on August 23, August 30 and August 31, this year Benkyoukai 2021 will be held online, considering the pandemic and PPKM which took place respectively.

Benkyoukai is also a starting point for inculcating values ??and basic ethics or soft skills. In addition, through Benkyoukai activities, new students will also be provided with materials on the correct use and writing of Japanese or kana characters. In this activity, the committee has agreed to raise the theme TOBU or Exemplary, Optimistic, and Cultured. Through this theme, the committee hopes to foster an exemplary spirit as well as an optimistic and cultured personality within the committee and the 2021 Japanese Literature new students.The form of the Benkyoukai 2021 activity is a pretest or preparation for the implementation of the Benkyoukai activity then teaching and introduction to Japanese language and letters, ethics, campus discipline and Japanese culture. Do not forget to interspersed with exciting games that make the new students excited and not bored with this activity. then there is the introduction of exciting clubs under the auspices of the Japanese Literature HMPS, the introduction of the 2021 Benkyoukai organizing committee, the introduction of the Japanese Literature HMPS and finally the selection of class and batch level coordinators for new students.