I Gusti Ngurah Jun Arya Wangsa Wins Shodo Nikeba Matsuri #2  

   Experience of Winning 1st Place in Shodou Nikeba Matsuri #2

Written by: I Gusti Ngurah Jun Arya Wangsa (Instagram: junaryaa)

 Nikeba Matsuri #2 is a festival and competition activity held by the Japanese UKM Bali State Polytechnic in August 2021. Nikeba Matsuri #2 is the first event and competition that I participated in after entering college. I am very grateful to Michiyo Sensei who has taught me the basics of writing Shodou, my senior brother Novy Rainy who has invited me to join the Japanese Literature Art & Craft club Unud, and my senior brother Gentha Rajasha who has invited and helped me. in preparation for this shodou competition.

    I did the preparation for the competition with the Japanese Literature Art & Craft club at Udayana University and practiced writing at home several times. After getting questions about the types of words that will be used in the competition, I just started practicing. Because the number of choices of words that will be used in the competition is very large, I decided to practice words that are difficult to write while for the others I only practice the basics of scratching in shodou, such as tome, hane, harai, and so on.

    On the D day of the competition, I was very curious about the competition activities, the competition room, and also the judges who would judge my work later. I also feel nervous because I think my training has only been effective for 2 days before the race day. When the first session of the competition started, on the first try my writing did not match my expectations because my hands were shaking because of nervousness. I tried to calm myself down by taking deep breaths. Finally slowly my hands began to stop shaking and I was able to continue writing with the remaining time I had.

    When the winners were announced, 1, 2, and 3 winners were won by me and my senior from Udayana University. Proud and happy to be able to fight and win the race together. Can't be complacent, I want to continue to develop my skills in the art of shodou.