Independent Copywriter Study at PT Jobhun Pembangunan Indonesia

Hi, my name is Adna, Muhammad Defa Adna, a student majoring in Japanese Literature at Udayana University, who in the 5th semester, decided to participate in the Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka program, Independent Study as a Copywriter at PT Jobhun Membangun Indonesia. From the beginning, I was indeed interested in this MBKM activity, especially in the independent study program, because in that program, there are many fields of knowledge that are very interesting to learn, and what interests me the most is Copywriting.

Why Copywriting? Because I have an interest in the creative world and I also have an interest in a context-based communication that has a certain meaning or intention, but is not conveyed directly or in linguistic terms, this is called indirect illocution. And the science that can accommodate my interest in these things is copywriting.

So what is a copywriter? Simply put, a copywriter is someone who creates copies or writings to persuade someone to take action. There are many stigmas attached to this job, for example, "Copywriters only make captions." It is true that one of the tasks of a copywriter is to make captions, but is it true that a copywriter's job is only to make captions?

In fact, the job of a copywriter is quite diverse, such as creating a headline, tagline, determining brand voice, tone of voice, or others. And actually, it's difficult to learn this exact thing just like that, because the assessment of it is judged subjectively, but interestingly, there are theories that can make subjective judgments narrowed down to become positive assessments.

In this regard, PT Jobhun has successfully compiled modules very well, so that its students are able to understand and comprehend what is taught to them. Moreover, the competent instructors in their fields, who are willing to teach their knowledge to their students, make us able to easily understand the knowledge both theoretically and practically.

No need to wonder, because PT Jobhun is a career-oriented company, so there is no doubt about Jobhun's credibility in providing training or lessons to its students. The activities carried out during this independent study are also not burdensome for us, because PT Jobhun only provides a class schedule for 3 days a week, namely on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The tasks given are not so difficult as long as we understand the theories conveyed by the instructors, and it is certain that these tasks do not contradict the fields of knowledge being studied. The tasks given will be assessed as practical grades, and for theoretical grades, every two weeks PT Jobhun will provide an online-based exam to obtain theoretical grades from the modules studied.

At the end of the activity, students will be given a project called the "Capstone Project" for the fulfillment of the final grade. As a copywriter, the final project given is to create headlines, taglines, social media ads, banners, and posters. And this project is done in groups.

I have gained many benefits from participating in this activity, the most important of which is that I have gained knowledge about copywriting, such as how to create headlines, taglines, brand voice, tone of voice, using formulas or theories used. Then, I also gained many relations from colleagues who participated in independent study activities, and finally, during this activity, it helped me improve my courage, confidence, creative and critical thinking that I have, because during the learning process, students are encouraged to actively give ideas or opinions they have. This experience might change my life, especially in how I write and think creatively, and of course, I will not forget this. The MBKM program is very beneficial for preparing your future, especially if you are interested in the field being studied, thank you.