Independent Study Impact Class: Perencanaan dan Pelaporan Dampak Sosial in PT Maxima Business Solution

Hello, i am Revisya Dwi Venesca Putri. I joined Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM)

in the 5th semester, coinciding with the Magang dan Studi Independen Bersertifikat (MSIB)

program which has reached batch 5. I feel that students must be willing to explore as much

knowledge as possible and seek experience. Hardskills and softskills are now needed to

enter to work. So i dare to try to find various information and activities that can broaden my

horizons apart from learning on campus.

And then, i decided to apply to several independent study programs that caught my

attention, one of which was this Impact Class. I read the module on the MBKM website

about this program, but unfortunately, there was not much information and testimonials that I

got. Impact Class turned out to be a fairly new program registered in MSIB. Finally, with

many doubts, i took the test and also the interview to be accepted into this program. I was

curious about how the company's conditions were linked to social and literature.

I was accepted. In this program we were divided into 10 groups, each group consisted of 10

participants, every two groups had one facilitator and one mentor who helped and

accompanied the participants until the end of the program. I was in group nine. At first I was

dizzy because there were many things I had to catch up on, such as material that I had

never really heard of and learned, namely the initial material related to the introduction to

social impact analysis. I was taught a lot of theories about social and stakeholders, then

theories and explanations about social programs that empower the community and it turns

out that it is important for me to learn as a student who is perpendicular to the tri dharma

perguruan tinggi.

The part i was most looking forward to was the writing chapter. As a literature student, this

might sound like a relief because it would be easy, but it was not. I had to submit writing

assignments every two or three days with different themes, ranging from descriptive,

narrative, essay, feature, reportage text, and many others. I was almost nauseous when i

had to write that much and continue with processing interview data as well. But after getting

used to writing, my writing really improved. I even received praise from teachers and friends

because my writing was considered very touching and i was talented in writing, it just

needed to be trained again.

The part i didn't really understand and had to repeat the recorded material was about how

good companies and financial statements are. I was confused when the discussion about

financial statements and the Global Report Initiative (GRI Standard) came in, but it seemed

that i could not deal with economics so i resigned myself to the learning.

At the end, each group was given the task of creating an Impact Report with direct contact

with other partner companies. When the tasks were distributed, of course i got the part to

write the narrative of the Impact Report as well as being the editor. We made the report in

about three weeks. After finishing and presenting the report, the partner company of our

group, Happiness Family, was satisfied with what we did and gave us appreciation.

This experience was very valuable, how i learned knowledge that i had never learned before.

It turns out that making a program for social is not that easy, even making an Impact Report

itself needs a lot of things to be considered. The certificate that I obtained will be a witness

that my trial and error experience turned out to be so impactful to me. Hopefully this Impact

Class program will continue to exist and other friends will also experience the impact.